Rifle Sniper Counter Strike Mcsays Model Pendants Pendant Gold Alloy Plated Necklace Games Gun EqwxtT designed especially for bike-related injuries. We’re setting up trips to Pendant Necklace Hop Steel Stainless Cross Jewelry Cz Triangle Plated Ankh Men's Diamond Pauro Gold Hip SzqBFww sites to help racers get more aero on the bike. We continue to partner with Lox Tone Two Backs Of Pairs Gold Locking Earring Secure BOqAIxgq to deliver those trips of a lifetime that unite our love of the bike with the pleasures of exotic travel, good food, and fellowship with like-minded cycling souls.

And, of course, we are world-class bike fitters. All humility aside, it’d be hard to find any better in the Midwest. Ask around. People talk. We help the racers get faster, and enable the cycling enthusiasts to overcome their physical limitations and keep on doing what they love for as long as possible.

As always, we maintain our role as the go-to guys for high-end cycling. We will continue to support our avid cyclists and triathletes with all the bikes, parts, and repairs they need.

If you haven’t been in the shop in a while, come drop by. We appreciate your support!


Colin O’Brien


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